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The Impactful Manager Intensive

The Impactful Manager Intensive is a 4-month Vigorous Program for Managers and Executives Who Want to Make the Kind of Impact Only Post-MBA Managers and Executives Can Make in the Area With the Three Pillars of Strategy, Financials, and Time-management

Who Am I?

Quite some time ago, I was struggling with making an impact as a manager. The absolute low point for me was a steering meeting, where my stakeholders made it clear to me, that I have my numbers not under control, I lack strategic leadership and my time to market is too slow. I felt awful and inadequate after this because I had been firing on all cylinders and still not created the results the business needed.

Then, one day, while talking to an MBA graduate, I realized that I needed to rapidly level up my financial, strategy, and time management skills. And from that day forward, things started to turn around.

These days, I have created clear alignment on priorities, I am working with a seven figure budget to drive business results, my stakeholders are on board with my vision, and I’m helping a lot of people master the three pillars needed to make an impact.

About My Program


Who It Is For?

I work with managers/executives who are struggling with their finance, strategic planning and time management skills but don’t have the time to get them via an MBA.

I work with them to build context-driven finance, strategic planning, and time management skills. This gives them confidence and certainty in their abilities, which results in strong buy-in with their stakeholders, and accelerated business results.


Who It Is Not For?

This program is not for you if:

  • You are consistently strong in planning, designing, and executing your days.
  • You feel comfortable with your professional finances and manage them, so you get the results you want.
  • You are a visionary thinker who identifies business-driving ideas and creates strategies that translate into progress.

This program is also not for you if:

  • You are not prepared to do whatever it takes to get the job done.
  • You have no drive or desire to become the most impactful manager or executive in your domain you can be.


Module One

Let’s Do It


  • Understand what it takes to be a successful manager.
  • Set yourself up to succeed.
  • Identify your intentions to fuel your motivation to take consistent action.


This is where you start taking deliberate action. You will need to change the very basics of your habits and mindset on how you view time and your output. You will also understand what most managers fail on and what you need to do differently to succeed.

Module Two

There’s Still Enough Time – Just


  • You have identified your biggest time wasters and carved out time for working consistently on the future.
  • You have eliminated, automated or delegated 3 major tasks.
  • You will now have 20 – 40% of your week reserved for strategic work without compromising quality or making enemies.


As a manager or executive, you have obligations, expectations, and the demands to your time will be always be high. In fact, the higher you climb, the higher the demands.

You were hired for two reasons – one of them is getting results. The other one is keeping your people. You were not hired to be a fire fighter.

So, let us start by cleaning up your “desk”, routines and schedule to create room for you to breathe, think and strategize.

Module Three

Beating the Clock


  • You will implement a super short daily and weekly ritual, that allows you to have control over your time.
  • You will get more results than before with half the energy.
  • You will leave work with high energy at the end of the day.


Most managers work on autopilot – driving from week to week never stopping to check the engine or correcting course.

We will turn off your autopilot and recalibrate it to get you faster to where you want to go. So that you are constantly riding a smooth and oiled vehicle and can start enjoying the view.

Module Four

Creating Alignment


  • You have narrowed down your priorities to 1-3 things, that will move the needle the most.
  • Here is also where you get on the same page with your primary stakeholders and create powerful allies.


While you certainly can do anything, you cannot do everything.

One of the biggest struggles for managers is that there are always too many priorities. And it can often happen, that you feel like you need to take them all on by yourself.

We will work to narrow down the 1-3 things, that are currently most relevant and get your stakeholders into the same boat with you.

Module Five

Your 5 B.F.-s


  • You will have identified the financial landscape you are operating in.
  • You will know exactly which basic financial skill (B.F.-s) you will need to develop to the next level to have the biggest impact.
  • You will also understand the financial implications of your decisions.


Every day, you make decisions that affect your company’s bottom-line. Scheduling operations, hiring, and firing personnel, preparing a budget, approving a capital investment, or sending an invoice for payment – to name a few.

But do you know how to make smart decisions, allocate resources effectively and really contribute to the bottom-line?

Here you will identify your specific obstacles and get a fresh picture on your financial landscape.

Module six

Whoever Said Money is Not Important Lied


  • You will identify the top 5 financial metrics relevant to your success and set up a routine to regularly measure the pulse on the money vein.


Money is as important as the air we breathe. But just as our overall goal is not breathing but living, so should money never be the main goal but prospering.

To control money, you need to keep an eye on it, measure it and tell it what to do.

We are going to work on understanding what your target is and identify the top 5 ways to measure progress.

In addition, you will establish a powerful semi-automated routine, that allows you to really stay in control.

Module seven

Talking Finance Credibly


  • Your team-members will know what they need to know about money in your company.
  • You will have communicated to your stakeholders the situation and achieve clarity on what is expected of you.


An old Latin proverb states “by teaching, we learn”.

You need to master a few financial concepts and feel comfortable with them like tying your shoes.

We will get you to teach your team or relevant stakeholders what they need to know about money in your company. You will teach the principles, that help your company to make money and get everyone to think like the CEO.

Module eight

Getting Into the Mind of a Business Strategist


  • Here is where you get into the mind of a Business Strategist and understand what it takes to be effective and some of the challenges your business is facing.
  • You will have strategically analyzed the context of your business.


To many the words “business strategist” can sound daunting. This sounds like something reserved for the top-level CEO-s, consultants and thoroughly educated.

What many do not know, is that managers don’t need to master strategic planning, they need to have a few core tools in their toolbox and apply select principles.

You will learn here and apply the 20% that makes 80% of the difference and get into the mind of a Business Strategist.

Module Nine

The Walt Disney Way


  • You will have identified the location and shape of your businesses North Star.
  • You will have crafted a 5 key strategic plan.


It has been said that Walt Disney explored project development through three stages or capacities. He named them the Dreamer, the Realist, and the Critic.

In this module we will work with you to differentiate between these three capacities to assist you, enhance your strategy and cause your creativity to skyrocket.

Module ten

It’s Feedback Time, M**********r!


  • You will use the primal tools of a Negotiator to get feedback on your strategic plan from your stakeholders without putting yourself on the line.
  • By the end of this outcome you will have prepared a solid case, that you can be proud of.


Diplomats and negotiators alike have a powerful way of probing the waters. They need to understand how the other party thinks, so that they can make the best offer.

You will use a handful of the tricks of the trade on your stakeholders to both influence them and understand where they are positioned.

Module Eleven

The Lion’s Den


  • You will walk into any meeting with supercharged confidence and exit as a winner.
  • You will get your stakeholders thinking, engaged and prove that you are a force to be reckoned with.
  • Your biggest win: a result you can be proud of.


If we think of a lion’s den or a cave, we think of threat, hungry animals, darkness, bones in the corner and no way out. Sounds like your next stakeholder meeting, right?

There is one thing that helps you even if you have not mastered all the steps yet – it is confidence.

You will supercharge your confidence and apply it in the next stakeholder meeting for changing your game.

Module twelve

Veni Vidi Vici


  • You will have created your own Impactful Manager’s Playbook – solidifying and capturing your experience and lessons learned.
  • You know what you have to do next to keep winning.


You will hone your standard operating procedures you have learned and implemented over this course and package them into your very own Impactful Manager’s Playbook.

This will allow you to be fully prepared for the challenges that lie ahead, because under huge pressure SOP-s help you to deliver consistently and reliably. The decade is just getting started and it’s your time to thrive.

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